Roasted in-house, brewed to perfection.

The newest cafe in West Adams. Alibi will satisfy your need to savor a delicious cup of coffee, served by an attentive, knowledgeable barista in a modern, unpretentious environment. Coffee and tea of the highest quality and taste will be the focus - and heart - of Alibi. The seasonal drip and espresso based menu will feature coffees from around the world, all roasted in-house in their small-batch roaster.

In addition to coffee, Alibi will serve artisan pastries, breads, and desserts from local bakeries. The coffee is sourced direct from farms with passionate attention and meticulous regard for quality and sustainability. The first specialty coffee roaster in the area, Alibi will quickly become a community space to meet, work, share ideas, and enjoy a quality coffee experience.

Hours of operation coming soon...

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